Scott Gutsy Tuason #DiveWithAPurpose

Reef Check Philippines is featuring photographers & artists that truly inspire people through the beauty of their work.
This week's photographer is no other than the legend himself, Scott Gutsy Tuason. Scott's photographs have been recognised around the world and has worked on different projects including collaborations with National Geographic.
We asked these photographers to share their favorite reef, favorite reef creature and also, talk about their passion for the ocean.
Shark Airport, Tubbataha Reef


What is your favorite reef or dive site?

"My favourite dive site has to be Shark Airport, Tubbataha Reef. I first went there in 1983 when I was 13 years old , at the time it painted the perfect picture of a pristine site, Mantas, sharks and schooling fish over the most beautiful underwater terrain on earth !"




What is Gutsy's favorite reef creature?

"I love Blennies !, their faces are so comical and they are just so full of character , it’s the kind of fish I would like to sit down with and have a beer together."


Photo of Scott Gutsy Tuason in action


We asked Gutsy to talk about his passion for the ocean, and how he protects it. This is what he said :

I think through my photos showing the good , the bad and the ugly , it brings awareness to the oceans , and connect the viewer to the animal , and people get to know them , and I always believe people will protect what they love.

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